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This blog is dedicated to the wonderful actor Aaron Staton. His most popular role is playing Ken Cosgrove in the AMC original series MAD MEN, and his role in L.A. Noire as the by the book detective Cole Phelps. He's amazing actor and human being who deserves a fan site. :D I just hope you guys agree and love it too! If you'd like to submit pictures you can with using the submit button. :D



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Texts From Last Night

Who: Ken Cosgrove and Peggy Olson

When?: Later that night for dinner

Why?: Peggy is unsure how she feels about what do to next, and the next day at work becomes difficult.

Where?: Ken’s apartment

Rating?: Pg-13

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The Ken Cosgrove/Peggy story is up. :)

Who: Ken Cosgrove and Peggy Olson
When?: The next morning.
Why?: Ken explains his idea’s of what to do next.
Where?: Ken’s apartment
Rating?: Pg-13

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Title: Would you miss me?
Who?: Cole Phelps / OFC
When?: After Cole was demoted to Arson.
Where?: Old Irish pub outside of L.A.
Rating?: PG-13
Summary: Cole Phelps hit the bottom and wasn’t ready for everything that is happening around him. He isn’t sure if staying in L.A. is a good idea until he find an unlikely friend who shows him that he should never give up.

NOTE: Sorry anon for taking so long. I was thinking one shot but I have a plan for this story so it’ll be a few chapter’s long. :D

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Title: cities change before they die

Fandom: Mad Men

Characters: Pete Campbell/Ken Cosgrove, Pete Campbell/Trudy Campbell

Rating: NC-17

He didn’t want to go to Kenny’s stupid party. Takes place between Season 4x04 and Season 4x05. 



i discovered there was an l.a. noire kink meme and it was awesome here i am partially filling something wait i’m not done yet though

prompt: One of Cole’s partners is killed while they’re out on a case together. I’d like their relationship to be completely platonic, and I’d like for you to break my heart anyway.

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And that’s when he hears the small clink of a zippo and Cole knows Stefan’s awake and in his bed, just lighting up. As quiet as possible, he makes his way to the man’s bedroom and he stands in the doorway, his eyes falling on the man’s bare back, his lower half covered by the white sheet with the…


Written for my own prompt on the kink meme, like a bawss.


It is NSFW, cause there be porn in there.


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Everyone’s eyes are on Cole Phelps; the things he does, the things he says - but even the biggest part of his life manages to stay under the surface. At least until one unexpected morning when someone discovers his twisted secret and forces the calm and collected detective to do what he does best. Cover it up.

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Written for the kink meme for this prompt:


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