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This blog is dedicated to the wonderful actor Aaron Staton. His most popular role is playing Ken Cosgrove in the AMC original series MAD MEN, and his role in L.A. Noire as the by the book detective Cole Phelps. He's amazing actor and human being who deserves a fan site. :D I just hope you guys agree and love it too! If you'd like to submit pictures you can with using the submit button. :D



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duckyontheroad said: hi ! it's not a question but i just wanted to say that i love to see every of your posts .Aaron staton deserve more time on mad men :) anymay thanks for the joy you put on my dashboard . Love. from france <3

Aww you’re welcome!

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Anonymous said: Have you updated your fanfics yet? :)

Nope not yet. :( the Cole/OFC is slowly being worked out but hopefully on wed I’ll have it up. and the Peggy/Ken will be updated on Friday. I haven’t forgotten about you anon. <3

9310971-deactivated20121019 said: Thanks for following back :3

Sorry for the late reply but you’re very welcome. :D

Anonymous said: (Same anon that gave you the OC idea ;D) but I think a female OC would be interesting/cute!

Sounds good. :) I’ll write one soon.

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lone-faith said: Thanks for following back, btw! ^_^ It's nice to see some of my posts here and again - your blog is awesome:)

You’re very welcome! and again thank you for your amazing post! :D

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fyaaronstaton replied to your post

You’re blog is amazing! :D and don’t let anyone tell you any differently.


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fyaaronstaton started following you

hello there

i love your blog, jus saiyan

and I yours. <3

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is this real life

Yes. Yes it is. *hugs*

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Is this real life?


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cole phelps screaming is the most hilarious thing ever

what did they do to aaron staton to get him to scream like that

unless they were just like