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This blog is dedicated to the wonderful actor Aaron Staton. His most popular role is playing Ken Cosgrove in the AMC original series MAD MEN, and his role in L.A. Noire as the by the book detective Cole Phelps. He's amazing actor and human being who deserves a fan site. :D I just hope you guys agree and love it too! If you'd like to submit pictures you can with using the submit button. :D



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Sorry for being absent this week. I was in the emergency room last night and found out that I’ve been sick with an upper respiratory tract infection. So at the moment I’m trying to run the blog from my bed. sorry for any incongruence this may cause guys. :(

So School is over now and sorry things got a bit hectic there, but everything will go back to normal now. I’m going to make more imagines soon, and stop being lazy and right another chapter for the Cole Phelps story and Ken Cosgrove/Peggy story.

Alright, more picture’s will be uploaded tomorrow. I will be writing “You Deserve Better” Ch. 3 tomorrow, and I was thinking of adding something else awesome to the page. Like Aaron Staton/ken cosgove/cole phelps Confessions, or Imagines for him and/or his characters, or maybe even both! If you guys would like that please let me know and I’ll let you guys know when you can start submitting for the confessions! :D

Anonymous said: Have you updated your fanfics yet? :)

Nope not yet. :( the Cole/OFC is slowly being worked out but hopefully on wed I’ll have it up. and the Peggy/Ken will be updated on Friday. I haven’t forgotten about you anon. <3


L.A. Noire is nominated for a total of NINE BAFTAs:

  1. Artistic Achievement
  2. Best Game
  3. Debut Game
  4. Design
  5. Game Innovation
  6. Original Music
  7. Performer - Aaron Staton (Cole Phelps)
  8. Story
  9. GAME Award of 2011 (voted for by the public)

Uncharted 3 is nominated for a total of SEVEN BAFTAs:

  1. Action
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Screen Cap like a fool after work tonight. :D

A few more quick tag links on the side bar on my the main page. Added videos, gifs, confessions, fan art, asks, and announcements. Even went back and retagged my post from the beginning so that way they don’t get lost in all the post. The blog has reach 102 post (this being the 102nd), and is now six months old. Thank you so much for the great support, and such great response to the blog. I’m sure Aaron would be delighted as well to know so many people love him and his family dearly, and see him more then just the role’s he has played so far. 

A few more things to announce. I am working on both the second chapter to the story You Deserve Better and working on a Cole/ofc fan fiction that I promised to anon. If you guys want to see more fan fiction, fan art, more pictures of Aaron, or anything let me know and i’ll definitely post them on the blog. :)



Update: I meant to say we are close to a thousand post. Sorry. :(

but i’m tired of netflix not giving me constant HD. Which looks horrible btw. So I’m finding some place else to screen cap the episodes for you guys.

The haitus was a lot longer then I thought it was going to be but I really am trying my hardest to get this site back up and running. Should see a lot more post coming up soon. :D