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This blog is dedicated to the wonderful actor Aaron Staton. His most popular role is playing Ken Cosgrove in the AMC original series MAD MEN, and his role in L.A. Noire as the by the book detective Cole Phelps. He's amazing actor and human being who deserves a fan site. :D I just hope you guys agree and love it too! If you'd like to submit pictures you can with using the submit button. :D



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Found that Stefan/Cole fanmix about a week ago. Haven’t listened to it yet, since I wanted to finish the game first, but the fact alone that there EXISTS a fanmix to those two is awesome and made my day already (and obviously still does)!!

Can’t wait to get back in the game and make Stefan yell at Cole for his driving and Cole calling for Stefan to hurry up and just silly stuff like that („^__^„)


this is an incredibly delayed commission for someone on Tumblr who I think deleted or changed URLs at this point and I need to find their email. I’m sorry it took so long and I don’t have an excuse for why. But here it is.

They were lost, it wasn’t a surprise. Cole had the sense of direction of a woman. Actually maybe the sense of direction of a man since Stephane had never seen a woman ask for directions in their life. They always knew where they were going, even when they were lost. Cole however was a typical man when he drove and was always right, even when he was wrong. Perhaps especially when he was wrong. Cole could get lost on a one-way street if you let him.

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I thought they got my man Cosgrove!


I thought they got my man Cosgrove!

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